Sad news for Saint Seiya fans. According to CavZodiaco, “Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" is being pulled out of japanese theaters after only three weeks of its release. The new Saint Seiya movie shared the same fate that its predecessor, "Heaven Chapter Overture" suffered a decade ago.

The movie received praise for its visual effects but was met with criticism over the script, which critics felt it was rushed, predictable and unrelatable to new audiences.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" bombed at the box office, netting US$2,5 million on its domestic run over an estimated U$30 million budget. The movie still have its international run with theatrical releases confirmed in Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Italy.

which critics felt it was rushed, predictable and unrelatable to new audiences.”

No shit on rushed, what were they thinking doing the whole Sanctuary arc in one movie?? That’d be like trying to do a whole trilogy of books in one movie :/ Not only was there not enough time to get all the things that made an impact in there (relationships like DM-Shiryu, Camus-Hyoga, Seiya-Aiolia, etc), but even without that, I heard they had to gloss over half the fights. No Shaka-Ikki?? Really?? Really. (would any fight have been cooler in full animation? don’t mind me just sitting here in my tears of those missed chances and dumbass decisions)

'Predictable' is kind of a strange one for a series that's been out for 20+ years, also for a shounen…I wouldn't say the Sanctuary arc was near as formuliac as Asgard and Poseidon, but hey, I guess fair enough.

But ‘unrelatable’?? What are the kids watching these days?? How more relatable do you get than 5 guys going on an RPG quest of bosses to save the equivalent of the princess? As in the essential plot of like 80% of all fantasy fiction ever? Like.

How sad what a nail in the coffin this is probably going to be for any new material regarding to the series :/ There goes the hopes and dreams of a 3D Hades arc (much like the hopes and dreams of seeing Rhada animated in LC before it was pulled…damn it’s hard out here for a specter fan)

Unfortunately. Saint Seiya is not as popular in Japan as it is in other countries. That, and the awful decisions Toei always makes, the future of classic anime is pretty grim.

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